Gaëtan Deffrennes

Managing Director France, Randstad

"The more important effect is that it's coming from below, from the employees, because they want to speak about themself with their manager."

Snippets from a zoom on GRI clients' experience.

Mati Bonetti de Buuccini

Director, Atelier Fine Art Services

"I have this little secret weapon, that's not a secret at all, but I can direct the outcome a little bit more easily."

Snippets from a zoom on GRI clients' experience.

Mark Brewer

CEO, Lightbend

"what I didn’t expect was that GRI would be able to help me dealing with the interactions with other team members of the company on a day by day basis."

Helen Dietz

Director and Principal, Stanford Investment Group

"When you’re meshing people together, the result is actually a very beautiful thing. You end up recognizing the unique ability of everyone, knowing that you cannot do this alone, that you actually need to have someone very different than you. And the GRI has helped us do that."

Gokalp Gurer

Junior Associate, Structure Law Group

"What was really most shocking about the GRI was how much information the assessment extracted, and that’s not something that you really understand until you actually sit down and see results."

“We use the GRI as an invaluable system in recruiting and aligning our teams of data scientists and engineers. Two Six Capital is a technology company that has pioneered data science for private equity. Our team is amphibious, combining the best of Silicon Valley tech and Wall Street-styled deal culture. The GRI’s data-driven, benchmarked approach gives us the right insights to continually develop our unique firm culture.”
Sajjad Jaffer, managing partner of Two Six Capital

Sushila Sahay

VP Customer Operations & HR, Lightbend

"One of the processes that we follow for every new hire is to allow them to take the GRI and then get into the system to see the assessments for their team members and other folks in their organization."

Paxton Song

COO, FuelX

"For me, receiving my information was very interesting. It not only helped me get a better understanding of how I make decisions and what process I go through in order to reach those decisions, but also how I should be interfacing with others, who may or may not have similar attributes."

“There are many individual assessments out there—DISC, Kolbe, PI, Gallup—and they’re all useful up to a point. But only GRI deals with the real world: individuals in relationships, teams, and organizations. Until you have looked at your people in context and modeled possible changes to teams, you don’t know the real value of what you’re missing. I couldn’t imagine going back to the old way.”
Marcus Clarke-Goss, principal at REDW

Mary Lou Song

Executive ChairWoman, FuelX

"We found that the GRI gives our team the opportunity to discuss what each employee brings and what we want to bring into the team culture with each hire. We have no time to waste. Anything that helps us get to a better state more efficiently is important to us. That’s why we like the GRI."

George Northup

CEO, Author-it

"We’ve used the GRI for a number of things: recruiting is a big area, but also we’ve used it to understand our staff and management team, and also understand the relationships between people."

Adrian Hall

President & CEO, CFEngine

"One of the really powerful elements of the GRI platform is to allow the management team or a group of individual contributors, to get visibility into their peers and understand how they may interact in a very different function. This has helped dramatically from a team dynamics perspective."

“GRI was very helpful in understanding our team capabilities and adjusting people to roles. In one instance, a poor performer was reassigned to a new function after analyzing her GRI report. This changed completely her approach to work, generating new levels of productivity and avoiding an almost inevitable termination. ”—Lu Magalhaes, President of Primavera Editorial

“My team and I have worked with the GRI over the years for our talent recruitment. We find this system not only relevant to our activity, but also accurate, saving us much time and energy to eradicate hiring mistakes. Moreover, GRI is a medium that develops a trusted relationship between our people faster and stronger. It’s especially important to us as our company operates globally, encompassing several cultures and nationalities. In fact, we believe GRI is an amazing solution for any executive interested in improving her people skills and leadership." —François Dubrulle, CEO of The Green Airliner

Garth Grimball

Staff Accountant, Lightbend

"It was very beneficial to see a way to understand both myself and others to promote quality communication and understand how possible conflict can be resolved in a healthy way."

Mark Figueiredo

Partner Attorney, Structure Law Group

"We looked for different tools to help us, consulted other resources, and we found them helpful but then when we tried GRI, we were blown away with how well it did for us."

If you’re looking at leadership as getting the right people in the right job, then a big component that GRI brings to you is a more effective understanding of the dynamic of teams, and helping teams to identify the balance that they need for each role. GRI is about engineering how everybody can show up and do what they’re best at, and aren’t forced to work against their strengths because that’s what is required of the job.” —S. Rose Vaughan, corporate director of people and culture at Bacchus Restaurant Management Group

John Apgar, CEO

Owens Design

"The GRI platform provides us with great insight into how our managers and employees interact and perform. It is a critical tool for our recruiting efforts resulting in better hires and insight in our organization."

Bob Fung, President

Owens Design

"One of our sales people was adapting his behavior in a way that was just energy draining. It was really enlightening for him to see that, and it was really enlightening for me to understand why the tension exists, allowing me to have a much better interaction with my team."

Krystle Warren

Business Manager, Structure Law Group

"Making the decision to be certified to give the GRI assessment was one of the greatest things that I have done so far. It’s really impacted our company."

The GRI has been a fantastic part of our business. Hiring is really a necessity, and it’s something that we try to delegate as much as possible. One of the things GRI has done is to really save a lot of time and zero in on the prospects we feel would be the best fit from the very beginning. Now I don’t have to spend hundreds of hours quite literally reviewing resumes from applicants for various positions like I used to. So it’s been really helpful for us in our organization, helpful from me as an executive. And I would strongly encourage anyone who’s looking to speed up the process to get a deeper insight into what makes our employees tick or make the recruitment process easier and I would certainly recommend the GRI.” —Scott Kirk, CEO of Interluxe

My co-founder and I have very different GRI profiles which reflect in the way we approach business. This is a critical information to take into account when we’re making decisions, when we’re managing people, and when we’re laying out the course of the company.” — Davin Lundy, Cofounder and VP Client Services of Telapprise

Richard Bell, Chair

Vistage International

"Any tool that enables me to better understand how I’m wired and how I am likely to show up gives me an opportunity to decide how I go about doing it, so that I am at least as effective as I can be."

Natalie Kennedy

Manager Business Operations, Stanford Investment Group

"For your company, it’s a great resource, especially on the recruitment side because if you get someone in that’s going to be really outside your parameters, it’s not going to work well. The GRI will help you save a lot of time and energy and frustration because you’ll have set out those parameters."

Ted Snelgrove

Biotech Executive

"Getting the team dynamic right early is one of the critical success factors ultimately to the outcome of the effort, and honestly one of the biggest challenges for all managers. And that’s what the GRI helps to do."