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Affiliate companies may vary in size and industry, but they all share our core vision of helping organizations develop talent and trusted relationships within teams at a much higher speed.

Typically, affiliate companies have an exceptional expertise in their business or industry, a proven track record of service, and a broad base of clients.

When their experience is combined with their expertise of the GRI, they can greatly improve the quality of the services they offer and ultimately their clients’ success.

The opportunities to continue learning through GRI leaders and other GRI experts of our community are vast.

Integrating the GRI, its performance-driven approach and its suite of tools into your business can serve as a powerful enhancement to your consulting, coaching, hiring, leadership development, sales effectiveness, team building, or organizational development practice.

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To qualify to become a GRI affiliate your company should:

  • Possess a solid reputation, sharp professionalism, and impeccable ethics
  • Add value to GRI products through experienced consulting, coaching, or training services
  • Hold a strategic angle in a specific industry or local market

If you’re interested in the program and think your company is a good candidate to become a GRI affiliate, please use the form below to contact us and we will set up a meeting to discuss the possibility further.

Affiliate Certification

GRI affiliates are given access to a complete training program, our online platform that includes an innovative set of tools to better serve clients, and support from Growth Resources team members.

Any team members at affiliated companies who are involved with the GRI must be trained and certified.

The certification program is designed to help your company designate team members who will master the distribution and deployment of the GRI at client companies.

The certification process quickly brings them up to speed on the valuable resources available through Growth Resources.

Training is required for all experts who administer the GRI in order to ensure their level of expertise and the quality and consistency of the training and consulting support offered throughout the network.

Reliable Support

We know our success depends on yours. That’s why we provide consistent and reliable support to all our affiliates.

We offer additional trainings and support from GRI consulting associates you can call up to further develop your expertise and implementation of the GRI, and to support your company initiatives.

There is always more to learn with the GRI. We offer a variety of materials and tools so that you can continually refresh and expand your knowledge base.

Moreover, you can share your experience with other affiliates in the network.

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