Unlock the Power of Quiet Diversity for Stronger Board Decisions

Unleash a new dimension of boardroom insight. GRI helps you build high-performing boards by recognizing the power of quiet diversity ā€“ the behavioral characteristics that shape how your board thinks, acts, and ultimately governs.

Building a diverse board isn't just about ticking boxes. Yes, representation based on gender, race, and background is crucial, but there's another layer to consider: quiet diversity.

What is quiet diversity? It's the unseen spectrum of behavioral patterns that shape how we approach problems, share ideas, and make decisions. Think: decision-making styles, risk tolerance, information processing - the things that make each of us unique contributors.

Why does it matter? Here's the secret: When you tap into quiet diversity, you unleash a powerful force for better decision-making. Imagine a boardroom where different perspectives challenge assumptions and lead to more holistic considerations. That's the magic of quiet diversity!

GRI (Growth Resources Institute) can help you harness this power. We empower Nomination and Governance Committees to recruit not just high-functioning board members, but those who bring a rich tapestry of both visible and quiet diversity.

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Here's how it works:

We move beyond the traditional "laundry list" of qualifications.

We help you assess the actual overall quiet diversity of your board.

We define the behavioral patterns crucial for effective quiet diversity.

We help you identify candidates who possess the right blend of visible and quiet diversity.

We assist you with the onboarding and feedback to new directors.

We transfer to you the tools and skills for continued usage with our masterclass.

The result? A board that's:

More dynamic: Different perspectives lead to richer discussions.

More inclusive: Everyone feels empowered to contribute their unique voice.

More informed: Decisions are based on a wider range of information.

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Quiet diversity isn't a replacement for visible diversity; it strengthens it. Together, they create a board that truly leads with insight and effectiveness. Ready to unlock the potential of your board? Let GRI help you reach the right mix of talent ā€“ visible and quiet ā€“ to drive your organization forward.

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