GRI helps you maximize your performance and that of your organization

At GRI (Growth Resources Institute), we provide leaders and managers with a transformational experience based on actionable information about people.

GRI’s behavior-factor-based approach helps organizations build a more purposeful work environment, get better at hiring talent, and develop a company culture where employees can continue to grow in their own way while working towards the best interest of their company.

Executives and managers learn a unique language with their HR experts to address complex individual, interpersonal, and organizational issues. Through GRI's online platform, they access powerful analytics on jobs, teams, and recruitment. With the support of their consultant, they can tap into GRI's extensive resources and experience in leadership development.

The complexities of human behavior are broken down into simple, manageable components. Thanks to its ease of deployment, the scope of applications for the GRI approach is broad and includes:



Candidate Screening

Team building

Job Definition



Conflict Resolution

Change Management

Inclusion and Diversity


Performance Review

Candidate Onboarding


Employee Engagement

Employee Well-being


High-Potential Management


Merger & Acquisition


Organizational Development

How is the GRI Approach Different?

GRI's transformational experience and easy-to-use online tools make the approach unique and immediately impactful.

GRI's measurements differ from others in the simplicity of the assessments, and the depth and breadth of the information they uncover.

But the differences don’t stop there. Other distinctive aspects include:

Job Focus

We have developed tools and techniques to more easily assess jobs and create consensus on the behavior required. We have gathered data on hundreds of jobs, such as sales or client services, to assist in analyzing a wide variety of positions within a company.

Team Focus

The GRI approach allows Individuals to be understood within the context of their teams. How people complement each other to reach common goals and how a manager’s style impacts team members is important information for understanding the path to team success.

Organization Focus

Every organization is unique, and so is its culture and the way people are hired, managed, and supported to perform as a group. The GRI approach was built to analyze a company’s overall performance, how the organization affects employee engagement, and how the organization needs to be led.

Behavior-Factor Based

Unlike many systems that measure a laundry list of traits, types, or themes, the GRI survey focuses on a limited number of key, work-related, replicable behavior factors among individuals that remain consistent across age, culture, and gender. We analyze how these factors influence each other and define a person’s unique behavior pattern.

Dynamic Model of Personality

We not only measure an individual’s predictable, repeatable pattern of behavior, but also the energy it takes to adapt to the environment. We call our model “dynamic,” which refers to the elastic nature of our behaviors to adapt and evolve.

Transformational Experience

The lessons taught at leadership development training or in traditional coaching often vanish in a few weeks. Not with the GRI. GRI's learning is the most stimulating experience provided to our clients.

GRI Professional Deployment

The GRI methods and tools are delivered with assistance from GRI-certified consultants. With their support, a multi-level implementation approach enables you to apply the data, tools, and methods of GRI in the most efficient manner whenever they are needed.

Science and GRI

We perform all needed statistical computations to make sure our metrics meet the highest standards. Our scientific approach applies not only to measurements, but also to how we learn, grow leadership, and implement performance analytics.


The GRI methods can scale within an organization, providing leaders and employees with a unique language to address complex people issues. Online learning modules speed integration and usage. Other systems tend to keep the knowledge in the hands of a few experts.

Global Approach

The GRI survey is translated into 23 languages, with additional languages currently in development. We deliver the GRI seminar either online or on-site and provide support to people all around the world.

GRI’s Platform for People Analytics

The GRI online platform provides instant analysis of performance at the individual, team, recruitment, and organization levels, accessible from anywhere in the world.

All data is classified as confidential and treated as such. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy Shield standards. All connections to the platform are secure.

The Missing Metric

The Missing Metric: 5+ Steps to Leading Beyond Intuition is GRI's online interactive manual for our leadership series.

It provides readers with GRI's groundbreaking solutions to radically change how companies recruit and manage talent, foster leadership, cultivate teamwork, and build a thriving culture.

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