Learn and Apply GRI's Methods to Dramatically Improve Your Results

Learn and apply GRI’s performance-driven approach to your leadership, recruitment, management, and organization development. Make use of GRI's knowledge and tools for long term performance and success.

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Participating in one of GRI's certifications is a transformational experience. Not only does it provide you with a breakthrough understanding of people, but also the tools, methods, and experience that you gain at higher speed and apply forever.

We apply the most advanced adult learning methods to supply you with the most exciting and memorable experience.

Attending a GRI seminar is the best ROI of your time, to put your new skills on people into action, and drive performance to new levels. You will receive support from a GRI professional, who will facilitate and assist in transferring to you our decades-long experience of working with leaders, their people, and the GRI in organizations. The GRI certification will help you with:

Leadership development

Management effectiveness

Team performance-driven development

High-Potential management

Mergers and acquisitions



Conflict resolution

Attracting candidates



Definition of jobs

Building teams

Coaching and mentoring

With learning, facilitation, and personalized guidance from a GRI professional, you can explore ways to improve your effectiveness, hire people who are aligned with your objectives, and help others grow their talents. The GRI certification is the most efficient way to ramp up your knowledge of how people can better perform and get organized.

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Breakthrough Learning About People at Higher Speed

To get the most out of what you already know best in a short period of time, you need to engage in the most effective and enjoyable journey for that discovery. A GRI certification with professional facilitation is the answer.

GRI professionals who facilitate our certifications and provide support are trained to turn your talents into performance and success. Their experience with social interaction while learning the GRI is the catalyst to get new perspectives on people and their organization, remove friction in the teams, improve recruitments dramatically, and help set new goals where everyone can excel.

Invest in yourself and attend one of our certifications facilitated by a GRI professional. It’s the pathway to your success.

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Choose From Six Options to Transform Your Understanding for Long Term Impact

As a starting point, experienced GRI professionals coach and transfer GRI’s knowledge to leaders and their organization, and continue to provide ongoing support.


Attend the GRI Seminar, our flagship certification for executives and HR professionals.

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Join the Set Your Organization for Success retreat, for executives.

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Choose the Executive One-on-one to combine coaching and learning tailored to your needs.

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Organize a Recruit the Best Talents certification for your recruiters.

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Organize a Build the Dream Team certification for your managers.

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Attend the Platform Admin training to manage the GRI platform.

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