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Apply GRI’s revolutionary approach to your leadership, recruitment, management, and organization development. Use GRI's tools and knowledge for long-term performance and success.

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Participating in one of our masterclass is a transformational experience. It provides a breakthrough understanding of people's behavior and the tools, methods, and experience you gain at a higher speed and apply forever.

We apply the most advanced learning methods to supply you with the most exciting and memorable experience.

Attending a GRI masterclass is the best ROI of your time to put your new skills on people into action and drive performance to new levels. You will receive support from a GRI consultant, who will facilitate and assist in transferring our decades-long experience working with leaders, their people, and the GRI in organizations. The GRI masterclass will help you with:



Candidate Screening

Team building

Job Definition



Conflict Resolution

Change Management

Inclusion and Diversity


Performance Review

Candidate Onboarding


Employee Engagement

Employee Well-being


High-Potential Management


Merger & Acquisition


Organizational Development

With guidance and support from a GRI facilitator, you can explore methods to enhance your effectiveness, recruit individuals who are aligned with your goals, and assist others in developing their skills. The GRI masterclass offers the most effective way to rapidly improve your leadership skills and optimize people's performance.

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Breakthrough Learning About People at Higher Speed

To get the most out of what you already know best in a short period, you need to engage in the most effective and enjoyable journey for that discovery. A GRI masterclass is the answer.

GRI's transformational experience and easy-to-use online tools make the approach unique and immediately impactful. GRI consultants assist in GRI's learning, support, and deployment.

Invest in yourself and attend one of our masterclasses. It's the pathway to your enhanced success.

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As a starting point, experience the GRI masterclass.

Choose From Three Options to Transform Your Understanding for Long Term Impact


Attend the Masterclass Extended for in-depth support and on-site sessions.

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Join the Masterclass Advanced for online-assisted and self-paced learning.

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Choose the Masterclass for Managers with inside mentoring from your organization.

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The Missing Metric

The Missing Metric: 5+ Steps to Leading Beyond Intuition is GRI's digital manual used during our online sessions.

It provides readers with practical learning and extensive resources for GRI's transformative experience. It helps bring you the solutions to radically change how your company recruits, manages talent, fosters teamwork, and builds a thriving culture.

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