GRI's Survey Uncovers Important Facets of Your Talent

With GRI behavior-factor-based approach you will:

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Start with Your GRI Profile NOW!


Take the GRI Survey

You will see only two questions and will have to choose the adjectives that describe your situation best.

The assessment measures how you perform and adapt to your environment.

It reveals your strengths, your natural way of behaving, making decisions, and learning.


Get your GRI Results

After taking the GRI survey you will discover your intrinsic motivation and how you best flow at work and in your life.

The analysis of your GRI profile is assisted by advanced users in order to get the maximum benefits from the experience.

Your unique personalized analysis brings insights about how you perform.


Succeed Using Your GRI Profile

Use the GRI analysis of your intrinsic motivation to better learn, adapt, and expand your skills.

Compare your profile with what’s expected in your job.

Share your results with others and your team at work to gain a new understanding and receive support.

What you get with GRI's behavior-factor-based approach

Receive a clear direction for improving your performance.

More than traits, types, or themes, your behavior profile uncovers the course of what you naturally do best.

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Get Your GRI Profile Now!

The GRI Survey is taken by people all around the world to uncover their personal path to performance, their intrinsic motivation, and how to tap into their talents to succeed.

All it takes is 5 to 10 minutes—just two questions and some adjectives to check! The simplicity of the process can be deceptive, but it belies the complex data analysis that goes on behind the scenes. You’ll see what we mean by the depth and nuance of the results the assessment yields.

Formulated through pioneering research in performance analytics and personality assessment, the GRI brings the power of performance-driven assessment to workplaces throughout the world.

  • 10 minutes
  • 2 questions
  • Dozens of revelations
  • Years of valuable insights

"I was blown away by the accuracy of the results! They were so revealing of how much I could improve in all areas of my job." Tracy L. GRI client employee

Your GRI Profile
"1 in 63 billion"

This is roughly the odds that someone shares the same GRI behavior profile as you.

Your GRI profile report presents your unique strengths, motivation, and communication style, as well as how much you perceive the need to adapt and get engaged in your actual job.

Understand where your natural strengths lie with your GRI profile.

GRI Profile Results

Built on decades of academic research in assessment techniques, and used with thousands of individuals in hundreds of jobs, the GRI results will provide you with new insights.

Once you receive your results, you will grow your self-awareness and be inspired to set new, more focused goals.

Your Personal Action Plan

With a clear understanding of the toll it takes on you to be too distant from your natural way of performing, you’ll set more realistic targets, develop successful action plans, and get the support you need to grow new skills.

You will also be able to share your profile with others who have taken the GRI survey, compare your profiles, understand how to build better relationships, and work together toward shared goals.

But the GRI profile is just a start. The GRI brings a transformative experience about people and how they can be better understood, recruited, managed, and organized.

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