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Once we know what makes us talented and unique we are empowered to recognize how others are unique too. We not only start to better perform in our current position, but we are also equipped to define and find jobs that are a better fit with our potential, build more trusted, enduring relationships, recruit and interview people more effectively, and grow and succeed altogether every single day.

Individuals and organizations know the GRI is essential for performing and helping people achieve their goals more effectively.

They use the GRI in these roles:

GRI For Individual Contributors

Build confidence, increase engagement and creativity while increasing your value and ability to speak to your own strengths.

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Individual Contributors

GRI For Individual Contributors

Individuals who are better aware of their talent and their unique way of performing are in a better position to succeed. With the GRI, discover how you can:

  • Be more engaged and productive at work.
  • Have a mindful and purposeful life.
  • Better adapt to your environment when you need to.

Uncover how the GRI can help you maximize your potential and improve your performance.

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Individual Contributors

GRI for Managers and Team Leaders

Set new norms that help everyone perform at new levels, and assist team members who would have otherwise underperformed.

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Managers and Team Leaders

GRI for Managers and Team Leaders

Managers and team leaders improve individual and team performance when they use the GRI to recruit, manage, and develop people. Managers who use the GRI are better equipped to focus on the organization’s objectives. They know how individuals can best perform in their jobs, get them the support they need, and help the team meet team and company goals.

Uncover how the best managers build better teams using the GRI.

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Managers and team Leaders

GRI for Recruiters and HR

Accept candidates who excel but would have been rejected by finding the best fit for them in your organization based on their skills.

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GRI for Recruiters and HR

The GRI helps recruiters optimize the selection process by identifying the pool of applicants who have the best chance for success.

The GRI allows recruiters to define, attract, and interview ideal candidates. The extra tools the GRI provides can also help with effectively selecting and onboarding candidates for the best fit and smoothest transition.

Uncover how the best recruiters recruit with the GRI.

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GRI for Executives

Create a culture of diversity that values everyone’s unique talent to perform, and improve trusted relationships at work.

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GRI for Executives

Create an exceptional culture!

The GRI for Executives provides decision-makers with the best evidence of people’s talents and how to harness their strengths company-wide, from hiring practices to C-suite performance.

Use the GRI to develop the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that keeps your whole organization agile every single day.

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Whether you’re looking to improve or need to recruit and lead a team or an organization to better perform, your efforts start with the GRI.
GRI’s performance-driven approach brings power to individuals and organizations everywhere, every day.

Clients around the world trust the GRI

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Take the GRI Survey Now

The GRI Survey is taken by people all around the world to uncover their best paths to performance, their intrinsic motivation, and how to tap into their talents to succeed.

All it takes is 10 minutes: just two questions and a few adjectives to check! The simplicity of the process can be deceptive, but it belies the complex data analysis that goes on behind the scenes. You’ll see what we mean by the depth and nuance of the results the assessment yields.

Formulated through pioneering research in performance analytics and personality assessment, the GRI brings the power of performance-driven assessment to workplaces throughout the world.

  • 10 minutes
  • 2 questions
  • dozens of revelations
  • Years of valuable insights

But the GRI is More than an Assessment

The GRI is a revolutionary system that brings more purposeful work and better accountability to all people and organizations around the world. With GRI’s performance-driven system, leaders are enlightened on their organization’s most precious resource: people.

The GRI helps recruiters and managers speak the same language, substantially improve hires, and make better-informed decisions. Assisted by certified GRI experts, organizations use the GRI for recruiting the best-fit employees, developing them to maximize their talent and excel in their work.

Whether you’re looking to improve or need to recruit and lead a team or an organization to higher performance, your efforts start with the GRI. Our performance-driven approach brings power to individuals and organizations everywhere, every day.

Get the Most out of the GRI

GRI Survey Program

Receive a unique analysis of your behavior profile and discover:

  • Your talent and how to improve your performance
  • Your natural behavioral strengths
  • Your communication style
  • What motivates and engages you
  • How you adapt to perform in your current job
  • Guidance on how to continue to grow and learn at work

GRI Discovery Program

In addition to the benefits of taking the survey and reading about your behavior profile, you will also get access to a series of interactive webinars that will allow you to:

  • Analyze your GRI behavior profile
  • Get to the underlying factors of your best way to perform
  • Receive guidance about your adaptation and engagement levels
  • Recommendations on how to better connect with your teammates
  • Develop an action plan

With both programs, receive a digital copy of Discover the Best in You

Learn how you can maximize your performance and purpose in the workplace.

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