Reinvent Recruitment & Management - Part 1: Collect & Share Data to Improve Performance

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell

Reinvent Recruitment & Management - Part 1: Collect & Share Data to Improve Performance

One of the first benefits of deploying a personality assessment like the one of the GRI in companies is that it facilitates greater transparency about both people and the organization by transforming the recruitment and management process within a company.

Often we find that data is collected during recruitment, but the information is not passed on to management for the interview process or once candidates are hired and onboarded. Similar data may be collected later from the same employee for team-building and coaching activities or during performance review season when important decisions are made about promotions.

This leads to an inefficient process that wastes people’s time and doesn’t take advantage of good, work-related information you have already collected about people.

On the contrary, data points should be collected not merely while recruiting and interviewing new candidates, but also in managing, coaching, promoting, and developing leadership potential in existing team members.

Sharing and retaining the data from an employee’s personality/behavior assessment allows organizations to streamline the recruitment and management process over the course of a person’s entire career at a company.

Collecting more objective information ahead of recruitment and circulating it between recruiters and managers early on helps alleviate major obstacles that may come up once the candidate is hired and begins working.

In addition, when this assessment-based, objective data is used in management and shared among an actual team, every team member can become better aware of their strengths and how they fit in with the strengths of their teammates.

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