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A retreat for executives to lead their organization for higher performance

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The program is based on the GRI seminar’s decades-long experience in transforming leaders and optimizing time to learn about people and their organization in business.

The retreat will give you the opportunity to share and leverage your experience with other leaders who most likely want to solve similar issues. It will give you the best ROI by transforming your understanding of the most effective way to grow with others and their organization.

Learn about groundbreaking techniques and tools to lead for higher performance with GRI’s unique insights into people and your teams. Take the culture of your organization to new levels of success by being able to attract and retain the best performers you need.

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What You Will Learn

Gain actionable insights into your organization, how it performs, where the talents and strengths are, how they get expressed and grow.

Get a memorable understanding of the GRI profiles to motivate team members and enhance their performance as a team.

Review standard techniques to interview, manage, organize, and take them to the next level, with new insights coming from the candidates and employees.

Define the behavioral requirements of your organization, departments, teams, and jobs with the GRI performance-driven approach, methods, and tools.

Apply proven techniques for analyzing the dynamic in teams, avoid unnecessary friction, and improve trust, and the quality of the relationships.

Analyze an organization’s culture, its strengths, needs, and creativity to perform and succeed for the long-term.

What You Will Receive

Expert assistance from experienced GRI professionals.

A thought-provoking and friendly learning atmosphere.

The GRI online manual: a comprehensive guide to learn the GRI language and practices, and how to implement them in the organization

Executive access to the GRI platform with tools to invite for the people and the job surveys, analyze, send, share, view, explore the results, and get support.

Assistance and Invitation to the GRI survey.

Online tools and resources to exercise your GRI skills and continue learning and grow your GRI knowledge.

A follow-up with the GRI consulting associate for questions regarding your organization, the GRI profiles, their interpretation, use, and implementation in your day-to-day cases.

Appropriate for

Directors and CEOs

Executives who manage or lead managers

Business owners

Additional Details

Online retreat occurs through five sessions of two to three hours each over two weeks, and a two-hour follow-up session after one month.

Unless otherwise noted, on-site seminars occur from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm local time each day.

The time commitment is 18 hours online and three days on-site.

Shared expenses may apply depending on where an on-site retreat is organized.

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