Innovation & the Future of Work

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 29/08/2017

The way we work is changing at an unprecedented pace. Today’s innovation in the workplace has significant repercussions on diverse issues such as work/life balance, “careers”, hiring, corporate culture and compensation.
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Fostering Creativity: 4 Critical Pillars

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 06/07/2017

Either coming from outside or inside the organization, creativity properly understood, implemented, channeled and timely executed provides the fuel for a company’s sustainability and growth
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Jungle Survivor & Entrepreneur: the Constancy of the Inner Narrative

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 18/03/2017

Yossi remembers this instant vividly, and will forever, though it happened over 30 years ago. He was on the shore of the Beni River in Bolivia, nearly dead after three weeks alone in the jungle. A riverboat just a few yards away was about to round a...
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The Millennial Search for Purpose

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 07/02/2017

Because Gen X is relatively small, Millennials will have to take on management and leadership roles much younger than other generations. They are projected to be 75% of the workforce by 2025. On top of that they have unprecedented access to what is...
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Boost Your Emotional Intelligence, Fast and Forever

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 20/10/2016

Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) quickly grabbed the interest of scientists, academics and business leaders. For companies and their leaders, it offered another way to succeed, seeming to quantify and define the “It” factor that made some leaders...
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21st Century Star Wars Leadership

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 19/02/2016

Great people skills are critical for leaders, and although this has always been the case, the speed and transparency of the digital age puts pressure on leaders to develop their people skills to higher standards, faster.
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Comparing GRI Profiles for Team Success

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 23/10/2015

The comparison of GRI profiles between team members is a feature that our clients find very useful. By comparing the profiles of team members, teams and their managers develop a greater understanding of their differences
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Radical Innovation à la Steve Jobs

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 08/09/2015

When you hear anecdotes from Apple employees or from external collaborators, you inevitably hear about Steve Jobs' "Reality Distortion Field". It's a term his colleagues borrowed from a Star Trek episode to define ...
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The Elephant in the Room

Posted by Marcus Clarke | 21/04/2015

Predictive Analytics, big data and talent management are topics that have been gaining traction in the C-suite because of their increasing importance in today's market
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GRI Summit

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 28/03/2015

The Future of Human Capital Management. The GRI Summit Dinner is an exceptional opportunity to challenge the status-quo of human capital, envision its future and meet the GRI community.
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People Skills Are Key For Outstanding Performance & Success

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 15/11/2014

Performing doesn't mean the same thing for Stacy as it does for Joe. After six months, Joe is having a hard time working with Stacy, especially when discussing strategic issues, and he is not happy with the way she is delivering.
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The Art and Science of Managing People

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 17/06/2014

Gabriel, CEO of a fast-growing tech company in Silicon Valley, is looking at the organizational chart with the CFO and Human Resources Director. Tensions at the executive level are impacting employee engagement, recruiting new talent is proving unsuccessful,...
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Recruiting Talent - Analyzing Fit

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 15/05/2014

If you are recruiting top talent for your team, looking at the candidates shown below, how long does it take you to decide on the one with the best behavioral fit?
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The Language of People Management

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 11/12/2013

Words are what make us human. Potentially, our words make us smarter at thinking and abstracting. On the other hand, words often have different meanings for different people, depending on context, situation ...
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Fish Tank vs. Company Culture: Tips on Selecting New Additions Well

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 02/10/2013

The hiring interview is time that you have for one-on-one contact with your candidates - a chance to ask questions, to develop a better understanding of them, to sell the position, and ultimately, to make a decision.
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Different Styles. Different Paths to Success.

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 02/09/2013

Here at Growth Resources, we know that everyone has the ability to be successful. What we see through the use of the GRI is that, when there is a better understanding of behavior patterns, success becomes about HOW: How an individual or team can succeed,...
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Informed Hiring Decisions

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 07/06/2013

Hiring the right people is not easy. Across ages, industries, and cultures, at all levels in companies, hiring has historically been problematic.
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Aligning Talents

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 14/05/2013

Creating a workforce plan, to align your talent needs with your business strategies and projections, can be a complex process.
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Ambiguity of Leadership

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 04/04/2013

Older research on management and leadership can often still provide valid insights for the modern business world.
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Build Trust in the Workplace

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 11/03/2013

For organizations to function efficiently, they must embrace the idea that trust in the workplace is vital to their success.
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Management 101

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell | 14/02/2013

Isn't management about motivating people? Or is it just about making sure that people do what they are required to do?
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