The Recruit the Best Talents is a GRI training focused on selecting, interviewing and onboarding employees.

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During this training, we will share our best practices and on-going research aimed at improving individual and group performance in the area of recruiting. We will provide you with the knowledge, guidance and support that you will need to improve recruitment at your company.

With the GRI survey and other tools in hand, learn to remove unnecessary biases, assess a job’s demands and a team’s onboarding process, and get the right people in the seat more efficiently than ever.

As a recruiter, the candidate you find and the recommendations you make will critically impact your organization’s performance. Your success depends on quality information, and on all the other people involved in the process. This training gives you the knowledge and tools to greatly increase the prospect of hiring the employees your organization needs to perform and succeed.

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What You Will Learn

Gain insights into the most important characteristics needed during recruitment.

Get a memorable understanding of the behavioral/affective characteristic and how it is represented in the GRI profile.

Identify the most pervasive biases we are all subject to when interviewing and assessing people. Understand how the GRI profiles help you be more objective and subsequently more successful.

Obtain consensus and share with other interviewers and managers about how candidates will need to perform in their future job by making use of our PBI (Position Behavior Indicator) surveys and tools.

Discover how to better interview candidates, analyze their answers and fit with the job.

Attract candidates who have multiple options and need to be convinced your company is the best choice.

Assist in collecting and sharing information that will help candidates succeed faster in their new job and team.

What You Will Receive

Expert assistance from experienced GRI consulting associates.

A thought-provoking and friendly learning atmosphere.

The GRI training manual: a fully comprehensive guide to learn the GRI language, practice it, and implement it in the organization.

An advanced access to the GRI platform with tools such as job surveys and analysis. Send, share, view, and explore the results.

Invitation to the GRI survey for 10 people.

Online tools and resources to exercise your GRI skills and continue learning and growing your GRI skills.

Best practices for interviewing and giving feedback to candidates and managers.

A follow-up with the GRI consulting associate for questions regarding the GRI profiles, their interpretation, use and implementation in real cases of recruitment and interviewing.

Learning options

The Recruit the Best Talents training is organized in private on-site setting, remote or blended.

Private on-site option: the training takes three days. Unless otherwise noted, trainings occur from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. local time each day.

Remote option: Programming includes seven group sessions of two hours each. Time commitment with facilitator for each participant is 14 hours. Additional time for exercises and quizzes between sessions require another 10 hours.

Blended option: Two group sessions of four hours precedes and ends the training. Six remote group sessions of one hour each are programmed in between. As for Remote option, total time commitment for each participant is 24 hours.

Appropriate for

Hiring managers and recruiters.

Supervisors and managers interested in hiring

Others who want to learn about the latest on how to hire the best fit for companies

Additional Details

The price may not include the shared expenses (lunch and room setting).

Volume discounts are available for groups of five or more of the same company.

The group must all choose the same presentation option: private on-site, remote or blended.

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