The GRI creates an organized hiring process, with a consensus-driven understanding of a job's demands and an objective evaluation of applicants. It allows you to narrow the list of applicants to best-fit candidates and be more accurate in hiring decisions.

With the GRI profile in hand, interviews can be more efficient and more effective for employers and candidates alike.


Clients testimonials

John Apgar, President. Owens Design

The GRI platform provides us with great insight into how our managers and employees interact and perform. It is a critical tool for our recruiting efforts resulting in better hires and insight on personality fit in our organization. Watch the full interview

Helen Dietz, President. Stanford Investment Group

When we looked at the GRI and we looked at the matching of the job description, the effectiveness and we knew from the personality standpoint she was a fit, it made the decision a lot easier and we felt very secure with making the offer. With our past hires, it never really had gone that way. Watch the full interview

What you will be able to do:

  • Invite managers to collaboratively build PBIs (Position Behavior Indicators).
  • Define recruitments based upon PBIs, interviewers and sets of questions.
  • Share interview results and ratings among interviewers.
  • Define lead interviewer and other authorized interviewers.
  • Print pdf individual report summaries for candidates.
  • Define and set employees for promotions.
  • Assist the onboarding of candidates in the organization.
  • Analyze candidates's fit with job expectations.
  • Analyze candidates' profiles with future team members.
  • Rate and comment on candidates.
  • Set interviewing questions.
  • Invite candidates and future team members, including the manager, to take the GRI survey.
  • Receive email alerts when individuals have taken the GRI or PBI surveys.
  • Access CV, cover letters and social media profiles of candidates.
  • Interview candidates more effectively