GRI License

The license brings you and your company access to the GRI platform and the support from a senior consultant for large range of applications in:

The price of the license is based on the number of team members or employees within the business. It starts from as few as a 10-person team and scales up to an entire organization.

While the license is the foundational component of everything we do, its enormous value stems from where and how it is used within the organization. As such, our focus is on your learning of the GRI, its applications, and the support and services that come with the license.

Company License Users

Simple Extended Manager Advanced
GRI Profile
Comments on Communication style, strength, motivation, general behavior, inverted drives.
Advanced comments on the GRI profile, primary factors, adaptation and engagement.
Style match
Comparison with the Reference Groups
Receive follow-up actions and news Optional Optional
Invite guests take the GRI survey and match styles 1 1 3 3
View team dynamic
Online learning
Compare with own job expectations
View others' GRI profile Optional
Invite employees take the GRI survey Based on license Based on license
Invite candidates take the GRI survey Unlimited Unlimited
Recruitment dashboard
Team analyses - org.chart, engagement, adaptation, behavior grid, behavior distribution, fit-gap
Setup recruitments, jobs, teams and the organization
Advanced employees' dashboard
Support Certified users Consultant
License One year
Price Included in client license
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